News: Holds 2012

Nineteen series of holds designed in 2012 are added to the 'Climbing Holds' > 'Holds 2012' section.

You can order sets of holds directly from this website by clicking 'Add to shopping cart' in the header above the image of the set. It is also still possible to download the climbing holds order form (Excel) by clicking here.

For a quick peek at most of the new holds click one of the images below!

2012.Old School-2

Welcome to the Axis-site

Axis climbing holds and climbing walls are designed and manufactured by Frank Bogerman from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. All holds have a typical Axis design: friendly for your fingers and very well produced, perfect for long, intense and pleasant training sessions.
Axis climbing walls are designed for many different kinds of climbers. Beginning climbers or pupils need a different climbing wall than experienced and professional climbers searching for a perfect training facility.

AXIS Climbing holds conform - NEN-EN 12572-3:2008, Artificial Climbing Structures - Part 3: Safety requirements and test methods for climbing holds.